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Myrtle Beach

The City of Myrtle Beach is a residential and vacation community at the heart of South Carolina's Grand Strand coast.  Our 35,000-plus permanent residents and millions of visitors enjoy wide beaches, warm weather and an incredible range of entertainment and activities.  Myrtle Beach was incorporated in 1938 and became a city in 1957, when the permanent population first topped 5,000.  The name "Myrtle Beach" comes from the wax myrtle, an abundant local shrub, and was chosen in a name-the-town contest in 1900. 

Affordable Awning Systems

At Affordable Awning Systems, we take pride in helping the Myrtle Beach area residents with their awning needs. From supplying retractable awnings to installing them, we've got you covered from start to finish. Retractable awnings have been proven to make a space up to 20 degrees cooler for optimal relaxation. We proudly offer premium quality awnings from brands like SunSetter, SunPro and Sol-Lux. Give us a call to get yours today!


Sunsetter Authorized Dealer

SEVEN years experience running SunSetter Authorized dealerships. Always on time. The largest volume dealer in the South!

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